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About Us   

About Us

Purell, Micrell, GOJO, PROVON are the leading brands from M/s GOJO Industries Inc, in Skin care available with M/s Bluestream Manufacturing Services Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2005, BMSPL caters to the Health, Hygiene, Skin Care segment in India and to the needs of offshore manufacturing in India.
Bluestream has successfully launched GOJO products across all verticals of the Industry. We have successful installations in Day Care Clinics, Hospitals, Food Industry, Flight Kitchens, Spas, Wellness Clinics and many others. We have gained experience in providing GOJO Total Solutions to our clients. Our trained staff help with the Needs Analysis* for any Plant, Office Building or a Hospital to provide optimum solution to the client.
Bluestream is engaged in developing & sourcing components required by GOJO as part of their delivery systems. For more information on offshore manufacturing of products in India, through Bluestream, please refer our Services Offered section.

Services Offered By Bluestream

Development of a Product from Scratch
1. Formulating a product as per the Green Seal Requirements.
2. Conducting Stability studies of the product as per International Norms.
3. Clinical Trials / Microbiological analysis of the Product as per the IRB Regulations.
Dispensing Mechanisms
1. Design dispensing mechanisms for specific products ( pumps, spray pumps, trigger spray pumps Dispensers, pouches, bottles, caps and closures, etc) and follow up to manufacturing & validation stage.
2. Design packaging for the product as per the Client requirement. This can be looked at from the Private labeling point of view.
Development of Tooling
1. Development of Tooling for the components to be manufactured. These tools could be sourced from Indian Sub Continent
2. Development of tooling for Metal Injection Molded components
3. Development of tooling for silicon rubber component
4. Development of Special Purpose Machines as per the Client requirement. This includes developing the URS for the machine, manufacturing the machine through a capable vendor, ensuring that right components are being used in the machine, creating DQ, IQ, OQ & PQ for the Special Purpose Machines
5. Development of Steel as well as Aluminum fabrication work as per client requirements, and modification and up gradation in existing design
Regulatory Requirements
1. Supporting services for clients such as Licensing for Import & Export of the products, machinery under Duty Benefit Savings.
2. Any regulatory approvals, if required, can be obtained by BMS for the Clients for Local Market Warehousing & Logistics BMSPL has gained experience in Warehousing and Logistics and can support the need for a shared warehouse for any start up organization.

BMSPL has its own distributor network in Major cities and the same can be leveraged to distribute the products for the Stage I of establishing the marketing network.