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Market Solutions > Manucturing   

Market Solutions > Manucturing

Create a Healthy, Productive Work Environment

Most manufacturing facilities are hands-on environments, and hands play a critical role in their workers’ health. Exposure to chemicals can lead to occupational dermatitis. Touching simple objects can spread illness-causing germs. Both can lead to lost productivity.

By applying scientific know-how to insights we achieved through experience in your world, GOJO has developed a whole systems approach to combating handspread germs and occupational dermatitis.

  • GOJO®, is available in a wide variety of formulas to help keep skin healthy and safely remove the types of soils workers encounter
  • PURELL® Hygienic Hand Rub helps reduce the spread of germs
  • Durable dispensing systems make hand cleaning easy and convenient
  • A simple, “Clean & Condition” regimen is proven effective at improving skin condition in 14 days1
  • SANITARY SEALED™ refills – safe, smart, simple

1 Arbogast JW, Fendler EJ, Hammond BS, Cartner TJ, Dolan MD, Ali Y, Maibach HI. Effectiveness of a Hand Care Regimen with Moisturizer in Manufacturing Facilities Where Workers Are Prone to Occupational Irritant Dermatitis. Dermatitis, Vol 15, No 1 (March), 2004: pp 10-17.

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