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Market Solutions > Military   

Market Solutions > Military

Stay Healthy and Mission-Ready

Germs within the armed forces and on a military base or in field operations can result in the spread of illness and disease, which can impact mission effectiveness. Improving the standards of hand hygiene and field sanitation is critical to maintaining the health and readiness of our military personnel.

Through insights achieved by immersing ourselves in your world, GOJO has developed a comprehensive solution to help fight the spread of germs in every aspect of military life.

  • PURELL® products, including the PURELL FST™ Military Bottle, which has been specially designed to look and feel like standard military equipment
  • PURELL and GOJO®– individual wipes, large capacity dispensers and canisters for clean-up in areas without convenient access to water
  • Complete hand hygiene programs built around the specific needs of unique military environments, including deployment, field training, lodging, engineering, health, dining and MWR services
  • SANITARY SEALED™ refills – safe, smart, simple
  • Explore our complete program and learn how GOJO can help make a positive impact on the health and mission readiness of your unit.

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