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Market Solutions > Office   

Market Solutions > Office

Create a Healthy, Productive Work Environment

Thousands of times a day, a simple touch can spread germs that may cause illness to meeting rooms, doors, elevator buttons…and ultimately co-workers and visitors. When germs spread, illness can take a toll on performance due to absenteeism, presenteeism – which is when sick employees struggle to work but pass on their germs to colleagues resulting in more employees falling ill and increasing lost productivity.

GOJO has built a comprehensive hand hygiene solution for office buildings based on insights and research with the professionals in business. Reflecting these learnings, our hand hygiene program for office buildings includes:

  • Complete programs for washrooms, personal work spaces and common areas that make hand hygiene available everywhere people come in contact with germs
  • Preferred products including PURELL® and GOJO® luxury foam soap and dispensing systems
  • Dispensing systems designed for the unique requirements of the office environment, freestanding PURELL dispensers for shared areas, desktop bottles for easy access and reliable touch free systems for washrooms, meeting rooms and high traffic areas
  • Implementation and communication plans to encourage good hand hygiene habits to assist co-workers in spreading well-being, not germs
  • SANITARY SEALED™ refills – safe, smart, simple

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