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Market Solutions > Public facilities   

Market Solutions > Public facilities

Build a Community Focus on Hygiene and Cleanliness

Visitors form opinions on the cleanliness of your business and the people in it based on what they observe. Is there soap in the washroom? Is it clean? Do the people wash? Or are there germs everywhere? For visitors, perception is reality and can be costly if hygiene is overlooked.

Through insights achieved over 60 years of experience, GOJO has the ability to equip your business with a complete program for hand hygiene.

  • PURELL®, available in dispensing options that make hand hygiene accessible and communicate about the importance of hygiene in your facility
  • High quality GOJO® washroom soaps, with formulations to meet any need
  • The industry’s best dispensing systems –durable and reliable
  • Education and training on the importance of hand hygiene
  • SANITARY SEALED™ Refills – safe, smart, simple

Public Faciltiy Products