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Market Solutions > Food Processing   

Market Solutions > Food Processing


Build a Culture of Hand Hygiene Compliance

If just one employee does not follow proper hand hygiene, cross contamination can occur at your facility. This can lead to contaminated product, litigation, brand damage, and plant shut down. Hand hygiene plays a critical role in keeping your product safe, yet confusing product choices, language barriers and competing priorities can make compliance a challenge.


GOJO has a solution for food processing sites based on insights achieved by immersing ourselves into your world to discover ways to simplify hand hygiene compliance. Our complete program includes:

Effective products – Clearly identifiable soap and hand sanitizer dispensers

Efficient GOJO® foam soap formulas, available in FMX™ dispensers that are built to withstand harsh wash-down environments

TFX™ Touch Free Dispenser and FMX foaming dispenser have specifically designed icons printed alongside words that help depict hand washing and hand sanitizing, recognizing the need to communicate and education to all audiences and end users in the manufacturing environment.

SANITARY SEALED™ refills – safe, smart, simple

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