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Market Solutions > Grocery   

Market Solutions > Grocery

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Cleanliness

From the moment they walk in your door, your customers are looking for visible signs that your store has the highest possible standards of cleanliness, quality and safety. Cleanliness, is the number one driver for customers when choosing a place to shop.

GOJO has built a comprehensive solution for grocery retailers based on consumer research and collaboration with grocers.. The resulting programme helps you build measurable increases in customer loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to clean. A quality store will value their customers’ and employees’ health, GOJO has the solution to ensure that their store is clean and stays clean.

* Start at the front door with PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer. Providing PURELL hand sanitizer to your customers instantly conveys the message that quality, cleanliness and the customer shopping experience are your top priorities

* Extend that quality to employee areas with GOJO® and PURELL hand sanitizer, the products used by food processors and foodservice operators worldwide

* Complete the message with impressive washrooms – a trip to the washroom can make or break customer perceptions. Luxurious GOJO foam soaps and PURELL hand sanitizer extend your customer’s quality experience

* SANITARY SEALED™ refills –safe, smart, simple

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